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Name - Description Default Type
<input> Any
Transform The world transform of this panel. None [ Float4 ]&[ Float4 ]
Size The size of the panel. None Float2&Float2
Contents The panel UI contents. None Shard[ Shard ]

Defines a spatial UI panel


This shards defines a single world space UI panel. This shard needs to be placed within a Spatial.UI's Contents block.

This size of the panels defined using virtual UI points/units/pixels. How these virtual points map to world coordinates is controlled by the UI's Scale parameter. For example if the UI's scale is set to 200; 200 virtual points will be equal to 1 unit in world space.

A panel's position and orientation in the world is controlled by the Transform parameter, which is a standard 4x4 transformation matrix.


Applying scaling on this transform is not recommended and may result in undefined behavior.

The Panels' contents should be placed in the Contents parameter, similar to the screen space UI