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Name - Description Default Type
<input> Any
<output> Any
Provider The shards wire provider. None Object
Mode The way to run the wire. Inline: will run the sub wire inline within the root wire, a pause in the child wire will pause the root too; Detached: will run the wire separately in the same mesh, a pause in this wire will not pause the root; Stepped: the wire will run as a child, the root will tick the wire every activation of this shard and so a child pause won't pause the root. Enum: 0 vendor: 0x66726167 type: 0x72756e43 RunWireMode
OnReload Shards to execute when the wire is reloaded, the input of this flow will be the reloaded wire. None Shard[Shard]
OnError Shards to execute when a wire reload failed, the input of this flow will be the error message. None Shard[Shard]