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Name - Description Default Type
<input> Any
<output> [Float Wire]
Wire The wire to optimize and evolve. None Wire
Fitness The fitness wire to run at the end of the main wire evaluation and using its last output; should output a Float fitness value. None Wire
Population The population size. 64 Int
Mutation The rate of mutation, 0.1 = 10%. 0.2 Float
Crossover The rate of crossover, 0.1 = 10%. 0.2 Float
Extinction The rate of extinction, 0.1 = 10%. 0.1 Float
Elitism The rate of elitism, 0.1 = 10%. 0.1 Float
Threads The number of cpu threads to use. 2 Int
Coroutines The number of coroutines to run on each thread. 8 Int