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Name - Description Default Type
<input> ImageAny
<output> GFX.Texture2DGFX.TextureCube
InterpretAs Type to interpret image data as. (From image only, Default: UNormSRGB for RGBA8 images, UNorm for other formats) None TextureType
Format The format to use to create the texture. The texture will be usable as a render target. (Render target only) None TextureFormat&TextureFormat
Resolution The resolution of the texture to create. (Render target only) None Int2&Int2
MipLevels The number of mip levels to create. (Render target only) None Int&Int
Dimension The type of texture to create. (Render target only) None TextureDimension
Addressing For sampling, sets the address modes. None TextureAddressing[ TextureAddressing ]
Filtering For sampling, sets the filter mode. None TextureFiltering

Creates a texture from an image. Or as a render target