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Name - Description Default Type
<output> GFX.PipelineStep
Queue The queue that this pass should render None &GFX.DrawQueue
Features Features to attach to this drawable None [GFX.Feature]&[GFX.Feature]
Outputs The outputs to render into None [{Any}]&[{Any}]
OutputScale The scale that the output should be rendered as None Float2&Float2
Sort The sorting mode to use to sort the drawables. The default sorting behavior is to sort by optimal batching None SortMode&SortMode
IgnoreDrawableFeatures Ignore any features on drawables and only use the features specified in this pass None Bool


A step that can be passed to Render. When processed it will take all Drawables from the referenced DrawQueue and draw them.

Features specified on the DrawablePass will be applied to all objects that are drawn as part of that pass.