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Contributing to the wiki

A wiki houses community-contributed knowledge, such as code recipes, etc.

You can access a project's wiki by suffixing '/wiki' to the URL of that project's code repository.

For example, the Shards wiki is at

Request collaborator access

To edit a project's wiki, you'll need collaborator access to that project's repository. Open an issue in the repository and tag the project maintainer to request this access.

Once you have access, you'll see the Edit and New Page buttons on the upper right-hand side of the wiki page.

Add/ Edit buttons

Edit page

Use the right-hand side Table Of Contents to select a page you want to edit.

Click the Edit button to start editing the page. You can change the Edit mode by clicking the Markdown dropdown.

Add Page button

The Preview tab shows you what your formatted document would look like.

Under the Edit message field, there's an option to add a commit-message (something that explains your changes).

Save Page button

New page

Click the New Page button to add your content.

Edit Page button

Editing and saving changes work just as they do for an existing page.