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This guide is for new users unfamiliar with the installation process.

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Eager to help contribute to our ever-growing library of documentation? In this chapter, we will set up the documentation site generator so that you can start writing documentation.


Python needs to be installed for the site generator to work. Download Python here and follow the instructions given by the installer. Remember to add Python to PATH during the installation!

Add Python to PATH

By adding Python to PATH, it allows your terminals to be able to find and use Python. Try typing Python in any terminal to check if the installation process is successful.


Python was installed successfully


MkDocs is a static site generator that allows you to write documentation in markdown.

What is Markdown?

It is a formatting language used to stylize plain text. Take a look at how this segment is written in markdown!

How markdown works.

Install MkDocs using the Package Installer for Python (pip). Run the following command in your terminal:

pip install mkdocs

Once done, you can check if your installation is successful with the command:


Check MkDocs installation.

Finally, install the following by running the given commands:

  1. Material for MkDoc - A theme for MkDocs

    pip install mkdocs-material
  2. Awesome Pages Plugin - Adds navigation customization

    pip install mkdocs-awesome-pages-plugin
  3. mkdocs-macros - Allows for custom macros and variables

    pip install mkdocs-macros-plugin

You are now ready to start writing documentation! We will learn how Fragnova's documentation is written in the next chapter.


  1. Download Python and add it to PATH.

  2. Install MkDocs.

    pip install mkdocs

  3. Install Material for MkDocs.

    pip install mkdocs-material

  4. Install the Awesome Pages Plugin.

    pip install mkdocs-awesome-pages-plugin

  5. Install mkdocs-macros.

    pip install mkdocs-macros-plugin